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Minimum income threshold adjustment

Minimum income threshold adjustment

On 1 July annual adjustments to the minimum income thresholds for certain categories come into effect.

Immigration New Zealand adjusts minimum income requirements every year to ensure visa holders have enough income to support themselves and their family while in New Zealand. These changes reflect both Work and Income payment levels and the Government’s Families Package.

The following changes come into effect on 1 July 2018:

  • The minimum income requirement for Essential Skills and Religious Worker work visa holders whose dependent children are in New Zealand on visitor or student visas will increase to $42,944.20 (note this threshold is different to the skill-band remuneration rates for Essential Skills work visas).
  • The guaranteed lifetime minimum income requirements under tier one of the Parent Category will increase to $28,166 for a single applicant and $41,494 if a partner is included (note that both tier one and two of the Parent Category are currently closed).

On 1 June 2018, the minimum income requirements for Samoan Quota Scheme and Pacific Access Category applicants who have partners or dependent children included in their application also changed to $38,199.20.

Full details of the new income thresholds are in our Policy Amendment Circular 2018-07.

Amendment Circular 2018-07PDF 427KB